What are dense breasts? Does it matter?

By JoAnn Pushkin, Executive Director, DenseBreast-info, Inc.,
Dr. Wendie A. Berg, MD, PhD, FACR Professor of Radiology,

Chief Scientific Advisor, DenseBreast-info.org,
Cindy Henke-Sarmento, Technology Director, DenseBreast-info, Inc.

Dense Breast-InfoThere is a wide variety of how normal breasts appear, both visually and on mammography. However, one of the important ways breasts differ on mammography is breast density. Continue reading “What are dense breasts? Does it matter?”


“Isn’t my mammogram good enough?”

By Diane M. Clifford, Director of Marketing, Cancer Detection, iCAD, Inc. – May 4, 2016

Woman 40s - mature beauty on dark backgroundMost women have had or are at least familiar with the important role that mammograms can play in diagnosing breast cancer. For many women, the thought of a mammogram causes feelings of anxiety and stress.  To face a mammogram with more confidence and less angst, it’s important for women to do their homework and go into every appointment prepared to ask their doctors the right questions.

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